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President Ronald Reagan's National Security Council

From January 1981 to July 1983 Professor Nau served as senior staff member and White House sherpa on President Reagan’s National Security Council responsible for G-7 Summits and international economic affairs.

Nau-Oval Office Meeting-Reagan-PM Of Italy

Professor Nau attends Oval Office meetings with President Reagan and the Prime Minister of Italy.

Nau In Oval Office Discussing Politics With Reagan & Staff

Professor Nau (far right) discusses politics with President Reagan and his staff in the Oval Office.

Nau With Reagan & Staff At Dinner

Professor Nau (with back to camera at right) briefs President Reagan and members of his staff over dinner.

Nau Meeting With Reagan & Staff

Professor Nau meets with President Reagan and other members of his staff.

Nau on AF1.jpg

Professor Nau aboard Air Force One

Nau with Reagan and Staff at Summit.jpg

Professor Nau with President Reagan and Senior Staff at Williamsburg Summit, 1983

Nau at Reagan Christmas Party.jpg

Professor Nau at President Reagan's Staff Christmas Party, 1982.

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